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Benefits Of Percoa 

Percoa Slabs and Pavers- The Best Choice



 Percoa Slab Advantages 

Percoa Pre-Cast Pervious Concrete

Pre-made / Pre-cast

Consistent mix design

Quality curing system

Consistent color system

All slabs & pavers key-way

Install in any weather

No down time

Better flow rate

Raveling control

Easy Installation and immediately Usable

Percoa Slabs are Pre-cast and immediately usable 




In any weather

No special equipment needed to install

Use and Applications

ILow Impact Development

Green Infrastructure –used for runoff reduction
Use alone or to retrofit existing designs
Parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, lakeshore

Incorporating Best Practices

Helps conserve natural waterways while reducing erosion

A great solution to stormwater management within the city infrastructure

Captures and directs stormwater runoff

Can be reused through rainwater harvesting or infiltrated back into the aquifer.

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